Ready to Bear Arms

Armed and Ready: Tactical Gear for Every Situation

At Brown & Son Guns, we pride ourselves on providing the best tactical gear for every situation. But did you know that even the fiercest residents of the forest trust us for their gear? Check out Sergeant Grizzly, geared up and ready for action!

When you need the best in tactical gear, even the wildlife knows where to shop.

Sergeant Grizzly is kitted out with the latest tactical equipment, including a bulletproof vest and a state-of-the-art AR-15. He stands tall and confident, showcasing the quality and reliability of our products.

Top-Quality Gear in Stock

At Brown & Son Guns, we carry a wide range of top-quality tactical gear:

  • Bulletproof Vests: Sylvan Arms bulletproof vests, designed for maximum protection.
  • AR-15 Rifles: The latest models from Colt, Daniel Defense, Del-Ton, FN, LWRC, Radical, Ruger, Sig Sauer, Smith & Wesson, Springfield, and Stag Arms.
  • Optics: Enhance your accuracy with Eotech and Holosun optics, now in stock.

Join the Ranks of the Prepared

Don’t be caught defenseless! If Sergeant Grizzly knows the importance of being prepared, so should you. In today’s world, owning an AR-15 is a smart move for anyone serious about their personal safety. Visit Brown & Son Guns today and let us outfit you with the best tactical gear available. Because when it comes to protection, it’s better to be prepared – just like Sergeant Grizzly!