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Understanding the Facts: A Pro-Gun Perspective

In the ongoing debate about gun control in the United States, it’s crucial to ground our discussions in factual evidence and logical analysis. As an advocate for responsible gun ownership and a Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL) based in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, I aim to present a perspective that underscores the complexities of gun […]

Elevate Your Blades: Discover Expert Hand-Sharpening

Greetings to all our valued customers and knife enthusiasts in North Myrtle Beach, SC! We’re excited to announce an addition to our services that’s sure to pique your interest: professional knife sharpening! At Brown & Son Guns, we understand the importance of a well-maintained, sharp blade. Whether it’s for culinary arts, outdoor adventures, or everyday […]

Ruger 57 Safety Bulletin

Potentially affected pistols include any Ruger-57 pistol with a serial number of 642-26274 or lower (including all Ruger-57 pistols with a “641” prefix). If your Ruger-57 pistol is within this range (641-00000 to 642-26274), you should follow the inspection procedure outlined below to determine whether your pistol requires a retrofit. Ruger-57 pistols with a serial […]

New Website

Our new website is up and running! Be sure to sign up for the “deals” newsletter from the top right of the screen. I’ll send out special deals there first instead of Facebook. Out inventory is online, but the gun prices are MSRP right now. Should have photos and corrected pricing in next few weeks.