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Yes, we would love to. We charge $45 for the transfer. Just have the FFL or person you are purchasing it from get in contact with us either by phone or email.

Yes, we ship all the time. We charge $45 + shipping & insurance.

Machine guns are not illegal, but it is illegal to make and register new ones on a form 1 (as you would do for an SBR). There is no way around the May 19th, 1986 date. If the machine gun in question was made and registered before that date it is possible.

Yes you can! South Carolina is one of the 41 states in which silencers are legal to own. They are a lot of fun. Looking for a specific one or have any questions and we will be glad to help.

Most states allow you to purchase long guns (rifles & shotguns) while visiting our state. Hand guns can be purchased here, but they must be shipping to an FFL in your state. The only exception to this is North Carolina residents. We work with another FFL just across the state line.


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