Expend4bles: A Gun Lover’s Mixed Review

Hello, gun aficionados and movie buffs! I’m back with a unique take on “The Expendables 4,” focusing on the guns, the characters, and the film’s international settings.

A World of Action

“The Expendables 4” isn’t just a showcase of firepower; it’s a global adventure, filmed in London (England), Thessaloniki (Greece), and Sofia (Bulgaria). Each location adds its unique flair to the action-packed scenes.

The Guns and Their Users

  • Glock 17: Easy Day (Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson) handles this trusty gun, making a mark against the urban backdrop of London.
  • Chiappa Rhino 50DS: Rahmat (Iko Uwais) wields this stylish piece, fitting perfectly into the vibrant scenes of Thessaloniki.
  • FN FAL 50.00: Used by one of the Expendables, this classic rifle finds its action in the historic streets of Sofia.
  • Hera Arms CQR: Showcased by several Expendables, highlighting its modern tactical prowess across these diverse cities.
  • PKM: Operated by a Libyan soldier in the film’s opening, setting the stage for the high-octane action to follow.
  • RPD Light Machine Gun & Browning M2: Featured prominently in various sequences, these guns add to the film’s international appeal.

The Film Itself

While “The Expendables 4” offers the familiar thrill of the franchise, its global filming locations add a new dimension. Expect the usual blend of star power and explosive action, set against a backdrop of international landscapes.

So, is it worth a watch? For the action, the scenery, and of course, the guns, I’d say yes. But if you’re seeking a deep, plot-driven film, this might not be your pick.

Until next time, keep your eyes on the target, both on the screen and at the range!